there’s meat juice on the floor

with a title like that, you’d think this blog post would basically write itself. and it almost does, but there is just a little bit more to the story.

we use our crock pot all the time. for dinners, breakfasts, desserts, cooking dry beans … it’s the perfect tool. about a year ago, we cracked our baby crock pot. i honestly couldn’t tell you exactly how it happened (though i’m sure dan had something to do with it), but there it was, a major crack in the basin of my favorite appliance.

“not to worry,” dan said, as he grinned and pulled out a tube of glue (non-toxic, food-safe of course).

this fix lasted a lot longer than i thought. he only had to patch his handiwork once, and everything was smooth sailing. that is, of course, until i came home and found meat juice all over the floor. penny rejoiced and rolled around in the puddle while opening her snout wide to catch the fallout as it trickled off the counter. dinner for our guest was ruined (sorry, anna!), and i tearfully told dan to get rid of it before i became truly upset. we didn’t even take time to photograph the evidence.

so, where does that leave us? in the market for a new crock pot/slow cooker. anyone have any recommendations? the one that’s caught my eye so far is this beauty.



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