on the road again

a couple of years ago, i wouldn’t have dreamed of running a 5k. 3 miles?! for fun? you must be joking. BUT, i did it! more than once, as a matter of a fact. i officially ran the race to wrigley for andrea’s birthday.


but i also have done numerous training runs since then that totaled at least 3.1 miles. in fact, i look back now on my former hatred for running with a rueful smile. it was all in my head; running can actually be enjoyable! it will never be my only form of exercise. i will never run a marathon, or even a half marathon. but, i am going to run another 5k. and if you are female, i think you should run it with me.


keri is putting together a fun, free 5k for chicks everywhere! here is a link for more information, but if you register, you will get weekly training packets (we’re on week 2 right now!) to get set for the big day in june (should be much warmer than it was for the run i was prepping for in the above picture). click here for more information. she has also created amazing new tank tops just for the occasion (to wear on race day, of course).

for some participants, it will be the first 5k. for some people, it will be just a warm-up run before tackling another 10 miles. but either way, it’s free! and isn’t it fun to have an event to attend with your closest girlfriends that doesn’t cost anything and gets you in better shape? i think it’s worth a 45 minute jog.

incidentally, as i was cruising the internet this evening, i found a relevant infographic to go along with this post. it’s from one of my all time favorite health and fitness resources, greatist. it discusses several different aspects of 5k’s from training to injury prevention. enjoy!

Get health and fitness tips at Greatist.com

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