having a fling with spring

though spring officially starts in march, here in chicago, we are lucky if it starts by the time may ends. this year, i think we may have gotten lucky and snuck the start of spring in during april (assuming my weather optimism is validated and we don’t get any more huge snowstorms before all is said and done). though we have a tendency to look ahead and begin thinking about summer as soon as the sun of spring breaks through the clouds, i wanted to take the time to list a few things in particular about this season that i enjoy, and are singular to spring.

1. the first day everyone breaks out the shorts, dresses and skirts. sometimes people are so desperate that this happens when it is 45 degrees out. luckily, we got some 70’s temps this week for the yearly occasion.

2. trees starting to look like trees again, and not creepy props from the set of a horror movie.


3. sleeping through the season with the windows open. a slight breeze, cool temps and practically no humidity create the perfect slumber zone.

4. motivation. the first few weekends that it’s sunny and temperate outside, people run errands, go out to eat, grab coffee, go for walks. in the wintertime, snow prohibits productivity and in the summertime, it’s just way too hot. that goes double for running outside.


5. sports christmas. during spring, you have the intersection of baseball (go, cubs!), hockey playoffs (go, ‘hawks!) and basketball playoffs (go, bulls!) need i say more?

6. spring-themed merchandise. yes, i know it’s a marketing ploy, but i love the idea of buying a springtime brew for dan:

making spring-themed cupcakes:

decorating with spring-themed accents:

yes. i’m aware that i am the perfect target consumer/sucker.

7. new produce! asparagus, beets and radishes – oh my! we’ll make soups and stews and … oh, we still need a crock pot …

8. breaking out our bikes. well, let’s be honest – dan never put his away. but i took a slight hiatus from peddling while the snowflakes fell, and it feels wonderful to be out and about on two wheels again.


9. car rides. windows don’t just open for sleeping. it’s perfect in the car too. this is the one time of year i’m grateful i spent those extra 2,000 bucks to get a moon roof in our rav4. kidding … kind of.

what are some of YOUR favorite things about spring? 


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