our old way of grocery shopping

as dan and i hit up the grocery store yesterday for some fresh produce and grillable fresh (just another thing to love about spring!), there were several aisles we completely bypassed that we used to be regulars in, and i lamented, “sometimes i miss our old way of grocery shopping.” don’t get me wrong. i am THRILLED to live the healthy lifestyle we do, cook the foods we cook and we have come a long way together on both accounts. but sometimes, just sometimes, i miss the taste, ease and economy of some of our eating habits. this includes:

1. frozen pizza
2. ice cream (i am obsessed with the fact that there are so many flavors to choose from, especially when they are seasonal)
3. chips. we really don’t buy them at all anymore, because if i have them in the house, i eat the whole bag. so we just don’t.
4. diet coke
5. beer (that one came from dan. he hardly ever buys it anymore.)
6. hot pockets
7. lunch meat
8. crackers and cheese (often enjoyed with wine on friday’s after work while we tried to decide what to do that night.)
9. macaroni and cheese
10. boxed cereal (raisin bran and frosted mini wheats are my faves)
11. lean cuisines
12. candy
13. bacon

we stopped eating all these items, for one reason or another, but until that point, these things played a vital and delicious role in my life. though i know i gave them up for the better, sometimes i can’t help but feel just a little nostalgic for my “ignorance is bliss” days when i felt like it was acceptable to have a white russian (or two) every evening and not eat vegetables for days on end.

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