the post i put off

sometimes, when i have a really great idea for a post – i don’t write it. i’m always terrified the words won’t say precisely what i’m thinking or even worse, i’ll sit in front of the blinking cursor endlessly (WHY must the cursor blink!? it’s so mocking.) struggling to even begin. i refuse to allow either of those circumstances to come to fruition now, because the subject matter is too important. here are my (abbreviated) thoughts about the 12 week eating and fitness program with keri i just “completed.” i use the quotes because what wellness agenda is ever really finished?

you’ve already gotten a preview of what my most overwhelming emotion has been.


i learned so much in just a matter of a few weeks. some examples?

-drinking (especially in excess) is not nearly as important to me as i once thought it was.
-as a direct result of the above, i discovered a lot about various people in my life and who they are to me.
-eating six times a day is not insanity.
-i CAN do handstand pushups.
-counting calories is not the only way.
-drinking copious amounts of water every day makes a noticeable difference in my energy level and overall mood.
-i have not been pushing my workouts to my full potential.
-i have never loved peanut butter (especially HOMEMADE peanut butter!) so much.
-eating well at lunch only requires a little bit of time and planning on sundays.
-i look silly doing jumping jacks with dumbbells in my hand.
-spending a little “me” time at the gym is actually one of my favorite things to do on a saturday.
-yoga is an absolute life-saver. 

i gained unbelievable insight into my healthy living psyche. my thought process has evolved so much over the years: i began with a desire to lose weight, but eventually became invested in a healthier lifestyle. this program gave me a hyper-awareness of smaller components of that. trading in certain meats for grass-fed and organic. cutting back on soy and not relying on beans as a sole source of protein in my meals. these little changes do add up and over time, increasingly contribute to both the mental and physical aspects of well-being. i also find that the more i do to promote my health, the more i want to do. i watch documentaries, read articles, research ways to make healthy swaps, remove toxins and overall improve the quality of my life. it’s one of my all-time favorite hobbies.

my goal throughout the process was just to complete the program. adhere to the rules set forth by my fitness mentor and slug through. for the most part, i did that. there were a couple of bumps along the way, but nothing terribly earth-shattering. at the end, keri asked me to think about what objectives i would like to achieve next, so right now, i am processing all that i have learned and focusing on goal-setting.

for the time being, i am back in “phase 1” of the program, which means that i am completing my workouts and following the nutrition plan (which is much less strict than in phases 2 & 3) and allowing myself 1 “treat” a week, which last week, meant two treats. a vegan milkshake from the chicago diner (peanut butter cookie dough? SO GOOD!) and pizza with dan from pequod’s (which was good, but definitely not as tasty as the pizza we make). part of me has a hard time with indulging a little – it’s sort of like being released from prison and not knowing what to do with your freedom. i know that getting used to those freedoms is part of a healthy lifestyle change, however, both mentally and physically. it makes the whole way of life more sustainable in the long run.

the ultimate bottom line is that i couldn’t be more grateful for this experience or for keri herself. if you are in a rut, looking to make a change, want to challenge yourself, expect results and/or are even remotely curious, i highly recommend checking her out. honestly, the money it costs is nothing compared to the experience you get. i waste at least that much on “going out” every month, and this is much better for your longterm health.

3 thoughts on “the post i put off

  1. Great post. I’m so glad to read that you discovered so many great things about yourself and your health habits through this process. That is so much more important than just worrying about the weight on the scale or focusing on calories in vs calories out. I think that like you said, when you start to open your eyes to the smaller, yet powerful strengths of proper nutrition and exercise, you start to really appreciate your health on an internal spiritual level, rather than just on the external appearance.

    On a side note, isn’t it crazy how just a month without drinking makes you realize how unimportant it really is? It’s not to say you won’t enjoy, it’s just nice to realize how good you can feel and productive you can be on the weekends!

    Also, jealous of your treats, especially the milkshake! I have had Pequods twice, and I like it a lot, except my true heart goes out to Lou Malnatis! My family goes out for pizza every weekend and I think I eat chocolate everyday – so only hearing you can do that one time a week makes me know how disciplined you have been!

    • thanks for your comments 🙂

      don’t be fooled, btw, i put unsweetened natural cocoa powder in my shakes EVERY night, so i definitely get my choco-fix in often as well! 🙂 i was doing it a lot more before i started this program, but honestly, lately, i haven’t wanted it as much!

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