chocolate protein peanut butter

ever since i discovered the magic of making your own peanut butter, i’ve noticed a drastic increase in the amount of peanuts i purchase. now, we constantly maintain two jars of nut butter at all times: almond and peanut. i’ve also begun experimenting a little bit with the recipe. at first, i was plenty satisfied with just plain old peanuts ground up in a jar. now, i’ve developed chocolate protein peanut butter. all i did was take the usual amount of peanuts, add some cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice (love that smell!), unsweetened natural cocoa powder, a splash of vanilla extract and 1.5 scoops of isopure chocolate protein powder. voila! looks like fudge, and tastes like it too. it’s definitely really rich, which is almost a good thing. it means i rarely ever go over my 2 tablespoon limit, because i can’t handle the richness anyway! as a bonus, it tastes EXTREMELY delicious in my morning oatmeal.

pb pbjartop pbjar

this brings me to another embarrassing peanut butter story. but i’ll share it with you anyway. when most people get home from work (including me, three months ago), they unwind with a finger of whiskey, a glass of wine, a cold beer … well – not me. i’ve replaced the ritual with two tablespoons of peanut butter and a mug of green tea. to be honest? i look forward to it more than i ever did my glass of wine and it leaves me more satisfied. judge all you want (i know it’s kind of an old lady ritual), but i happen to love my new afternoon tradition.

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