healthifying the farm burger

revolution brewery is a neighborhood favorite for dan and i. they have amazing beers (dan is a member of the growler of the month club) and deliciously unique food. though we have many menu items we favor, most of them are not exactly on the “healthy eating” side. as such, dan set out to re-create one of our most ordered items – the farm burger! he decided to serve it with nutrient-dense sweet potato “fries.”

he started out by gathering and prepping his golden beets and potatoes.

sweetpotato goldenbeets


he used bison meat for the burger patties, as it is much leaner and has fewer calories than other kinds of beef.


whilst he cooked, he sipped on a little bit of hard cider.



after cooking the burgers and beets on the grill (he used a cast iron skillet, as the bison tends to fall apart without as much fat to hold it together), he assembled his masterpiece with goat cheese, dandelion greens, beets and fries.

burger burger2


it was absolutely delicious. full disclosure: to make my meal COMPLETELY “keri approved,” i skipped the bun and sweet potato fries and added a side of cauliflower instead.

i can’t wait to re-create more healthy versions of menu items from all around logan square. maybe it’s a new kind of chocolate covered katie?!

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