home grown

for the longest time, dan and i have been discussing joining a local CSA. while it’s a more difficult task to find a suitable program in the suburbs, options abound in the city. last year, we moved into our place in the middle of the summer, so a lot of our choices were no longer available.

we used all our extra time to do some research. we landed on growing home inc. they offer weekly boxes for pickup close to our apartment at a reasonable price. though we have only tasted the fruits (actually, mostly just vegetables right now) of one box, we are already ecstatic with our decision.

greens3 pennygreens greens2 boxogreens


mostly fresh herbs, leafy greens and asparagus (plus carrots!), the quality of the food is undeniable in comparison to what we’ve tasted from grocery stores. the past two nights, i’ve had salads with nothing but lemon and balsamic vinegar plus cucumbers, and the flavor and texture astounds me. even penny seems to be enjoying our new endeavor. i can’t wait to see what summer brings!

3 thoughts on “home grown

  1. Really cool that you decided on Growing Home Inc. urban veggies, grown with a mission in job training, quality food and life skills…right on. I actually think my mom may have consulted with them, as she has done lots of urban farming in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with a similar mission. right on.

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