sights unseen, more roma!

though i have been extremely remiss in my blogging efforts this week, i knew i couldn’t skip out on rome, part 2. looking through all these pictures over and over, editing them each week, i feel so grateful for our experiences there and now i can’t stop pinning places i would like to go. i’ll keep dreaming, but in the meantime, here’s our second day in rome.

we headed out on day 2, planning to tour the colosseum, palatine hill and roman forum. we walked out of a charmingly tiny and narrow street to the view of a beautiful, iconic landmark.

colosseum2 colosseum


we also discovered an unfathomably long line. we decided not to do the official tour of these sights, but wander around on our own. we were not disappointed with this decision. we checked out the free version of palatine hill, some of the ruins and the arch of constantine.

constantinesarch arch2 ruins1


we walked all the way around the back of the forum, climbing a supremely steep hill. the view at the top was worth every bead of sweat.

ruins2 theruins


we both honestly felt that skipping the formal tour was the best decision. we were happy to see the sights as lone hikers instead of as part of the throng.

after an amazing lunch to refuel, we got back on the dusty trail and saw lots of sights. we competed with hundreds of tourists eating gelato to check out trevi fountain.

trevifountain trevifountain2


down a few alleyways, we stumbled upon the parthenon.

parthenon3 parthenon2 parthanon


we strolled down the river for a bit.

theriver2 theriver


we competed with more crowds at the spanish steps.

spanishstepsdan spanishsteps2 spanishsteps


we climbed the spanish steps and found an amazing view of rome at the top.

viewfromtop2 viewfromtop


we also did plenty more just “walking around” and marveling over every piazza, building and basilica.

walkingaround2 walkingaround1 piazza angels arches



the second day was our longest walking record. we estimated that we completed a little over 15 miles (not including our walk to and from dinner that evening). i thought i had planned well by wearing my toms, but it turns out that while comfortable, they do not stabilize very well, particularly for disjointed cobblestone. that evening, all the stabilizing muscles in my feet, ankles and legs were screaming! i wore my running shoes the next day.

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