tunes for june

though i love using my phone for certain workouts (both pandora and fitradio are amazing apps for workout music!), i love to rely on my ipod nano for strength sessions. it’s difficult to hold a phone while pumping out bicep curls, after all. once a month, i spruce up my tunes and today was the day for june. i make my playlists ridiculously long (approximately 3.5 hours long), so i will just give you the highlights. let me preface the below list with the following statements:

1. i recently discovered jock jams on amazon mp3.

2.  we recently saw the great gatsby and i have been obsessed with the music ever since.

3. i kind of love glee.


so without further ado … some of june’s musical gems:

-king of anything, karmin
-a little party never hurt nobody, fergie
-how will i know, glee cast
-fall down, & miley cyrus
-i like to move it, reel 2 real
-drink in my hand, eric church
-la la, ashlee simpson
-good feeling, flo rida
-boogie shoes, glee cast
-another night, real mccoy
-boom, boom, boom, outhere brothers


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