34 things that make me happy

i recently finished an excellent book (deepak chopra, ’nuff said) that i consider to be a bit of a life-changer. while i’m letting it marinate a little bit and wobble around in my brain before i write a complete blog post about it, i’ve begun attempts to alter my behavior and mindset around what i think i learned. as part of that, i felt like putting together and sharing a big ‘ol list of things that make me happy. ready?

1. puppies. i literally cannot see a picture, movie, or actual puppy/dog without giggling, smiling or laughing out loud. especially this one:


2. squats. yesterday, i did about 300 of them and is my sore butt ever ecstatic about it!

3. audrey hepburn. especially in sabrina and breakfast at tiffany’s.

4. twinkly lights. inside, outside, christmastime, summertime.

5. coffee. it’s the best part of waking up.

6. yoga, once a week for mental and physical sanity. it’s also really improved the quality of my strength workouts. boo yah! still working my way toward something like this. or maybe this.

7. manicures and pedicures

8. amazing photos (especially if i’m the one who took them).

9. raw honey

10. a clean house

11. documentaries

12. bedtime (especially when a pillow fort is involved).

13. large collections of books: libraries, bookstores, other people’s homes, etc.

14. dry champagne with a higher than average number of bubbles

15. sequins and other sparkly stuff

16. disney movies

17. fresh, colorful flowers that adorn a sparkling clean apartment


18. rainy sunday afternoons with nothing to do but bake and read.

19. any body of water: streams, lakes, rivers, oceans..

20. all things new jersey.

21. info graphics

22. freshly mowed grass

23. all things chicago.

24. the smell of pumpkin pie spice

25. the sound of sprinklers after dark in the summer

26. that first sip of a really delicious wine

27. knee-high socks

28. brightly colored candy displays

29. waking up early without an alarm

30. pinterest


31. friday afternoons

32. self serve frozen yogurt joints

33. markets, farmers and flea

34. sweat (my own)

what are some of your happy list items?

2 thoughts on “34 things that make me happy

  1. haha this is a very good list!

    On a side note, and I know you are planning to post, but what did you think about the book? I’m looking to pick up a good read that can kind of get me on a better mindset. My boyfriend and I have been going to church for the past few weeks but I’m not feeling really inspired by anything yet. urghh

    • i would definitely give it a shot! i really enjoyed and appreciated it. i would say you could borrow it, but it’s a library book 🙂

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