5 things i learned from “hungry for change”

i have a preoccupation with food-oriented documentaries. jiro dreams of sushi, vegucated, fat, sick & nearly dead – just to name a few. most recently, dan and i took in hungry for change. though i have learned to take each documentary with a grain of salt (or sometimes two), i found this one to be fairly eye-opening in a few ways.

here are some things i learned:

1. msg is used to make lab rats fat. that’s what they give to these animals when they need them to gain weight for an experiment. msg.

2. msg is in a vast majority of the foods we consume.

3. the following foods are good for detoxifying your body: chia seeds, parsley, lemon, celery and leafy greens.

4. aspartame is just about the most horrific substance you can ingest. it causes everything from weight gain to cancer.

5. americans eat a lot of sugar. like more than 150 pounds per year on average, per person.

other food documentaries on my must-watch list? Fat HeadFood, Inc. or King Corn. any others i should check out?

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