sights unseen, one more from rome!

last rome post. there were two full days that i didn’t have my camera (boo!) so apologies for leaving those out, but i don’t feel that my iphone photos did them justice (too bad i didn’t have my clients from bright mango to help out with that one … their phone photos are stunning!) so we are missing pictures of the vatican as well as the borghese gallery. but to compensate, i have included an array of photos from our last couple of days in rome.

these first two are from an evening walk we took all around rome. it was great to see everything from a different light perspective and get yet another view of my favorite landmark. we discovered that for a premium price, you can eat dinner with a view of the colosseum. the food is terrible, the cost is absurd, but the view? priceless.

mecol cars


on the last day before heading home, we had the most amazing experience. we booked a wine tour of a vineyard in frascati, a neighboring town about 30km outside of rome. wine in tour was absolutely the best decision we made on our vacation. veronica picked us up from the train station (less than 30 minutes from the roman train station by our hotel) and showed us the town. even though it was pouring, she drove around the hills of rome (as frascati is often known) to show us the villas of the nobility and where the pope keeps his summer home. we braved the weather for a couple of pictures.

usintherain balcony


serendipitously, the rain ceased by the time we reached the vineyard. we tasted delicious wine made with grapes ONLY grown in frascati. you cannot get this stuff anywhere else in the world! it was paired with homemade cheese, olive oil and homegrown olives. divine. we met the vineyard animals, toured the caves and took in the views.

winery7 cat winery8 winery9 anotherview winery10 wine winery4 winery5 winery6 winery3 winery2 dog winery


what an unbelievable end to our trip. happy friday!

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