packing for healthy travels

staying healthy on the road is tricky, especially if you are a creature of habit, as i am. it is not impossible, however. if you want to benefit from the wisdom of a real pro, check out keri’s healthy survival kit for the road on additionally, since i travel from time to time for work, and must do so soon, i thought i would share some of the items i will be packing in order to stay on track while i’m gone.

1. kind bars

my favorite flavor is the dark chocolate cherry cashew. great source of healthy fats, fruit and amazing taste. only thing missing is … protein! so to address that situation, i’ll bring …

2. blender bottle and/or easy go dispenser

the easy go dispenser was actually developed by one of my good friends from high school. it carries lots of protein powder and then dispenses a 15 gram serving into any water bottle or shaker cup when you twist the knob. i can put it right into my blender bottle, add a bit of almond milk or water, and i’m good to go for a protein shake!


3. kale chips – homemade or store-bought


4. more protein – in the form of pancakes. this is a recipe designed by dan. details coming SOON!


5. a dose of emotional and mental optimism to read on the plane. after enjoying “the shadow effect” so much, i decided to borrow “the art of happiness” by the dalai lama from our library. i tend to get a little stressed about travel, especially when it’s for work, so this will be my solace.


6. my workout clothes. the hotel we’re staying at has a gym, but i’m always hopeful i will get to try a new class or workout in the city i’m traveling to. if none of that works, there are LOTS of body weight only exercises that can be done in the hotel room without any equipment at all.


if you ask me, nothing is better for my healthy lifestyle than the routine i maintain at home. but when being on the road is necessary, arming myself with the best tools and just a little more preparation does wonders.

what do you do to stay in shape on the run? 

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