6 “healthy living” pinterest accounts to follow

we are so incredibly lucky to live in this digital age of ours where visual motivation for fitness is never more than a few clicks away. i frequently find myself perusing blogs, twitter and facebook on days where my intrinsic motivation isn’t quite enough to push me to the gym. one of the best, most addictive, easily accessible and conveniently customizable resources for “fitspiration,” however, is pinterest. whether i’m searching for a chia seed recipe, new smoothie blends or a million and one reasons to go workout right now, i can rest assured that i will find it on my digital inspiration board. though i frequently search the “database” based on my needs at the time (ie: arm workouts, reasons to do squats, etc.), there are a few standby boards that i can always count on to get me going. i thought i would share those with you! here they are, in no particular order. now go follow them!

1. greatist

i’ve expressed my love for this organization over and over again, so it’s probably not a surprise that i love re-pinning all of their healthy bootle. from snappy snacks to inspirational quotes and everything in between, they go the extra mile (no pun intended) to make sure their boards are filled with useful, but appealing images to accompany their information. they have recently beefed up their info graphics section, which i am absolutely in love with.

2. skinny ms

variety is the spice of life, and on this board, you will find it all. i love how she has things divided so precisely. butt workouts, vegetarian recipes, superfoods and many other options all combine to create a comprehensive resource.

3. the runiverse

slightly more segmented, this run-focused blog and pinterest board is one of my go-to’s when i know i need and will benefit from a good jaunt, i head here for inspiration, ideas to fuel up and ideas to improve my form.

4. just keep sweating

fellow blogger with similar interests, carlyn takes a lot of material from outlets that i also read frequently (see above fitsugar photo as an example). it’s nice to have someone else curating the stuff you already like, huh?

5. yoga inspiration

for ommmmm-specific advice, inspiration and guidance, i love this! it’s broken down into surf yoga, videos, how-to’s … anything you could possibly want.

6. chobani

chobani has a plethora of sumptuous food images, taken from other bloggers that use their yogurt to make healthy snacks, entrees and desserts. they also have plenty of quotes, workouts and other healthy living advice.

any YOU love that i’m missing out on? 

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