watchables of late

for a good long while, dan and i were dedicated, responsible netflix consumers. we would watch our two allotted movies in quick succession and immediately mail them back to replace them. lately, unfortunately, we have been remiss in our movie returning. this has translated into quite a bit of action for netflix streaming. here are a few gems we’ve been busy discovering.

indecent proposal

oddly, i had never seen this oldie, but goodie. i thoroughly enjoyed watching a very young woody harrelson and robert redford compete for the attention of demi moore.

breaking bad

as usual, dan and i are late to the party, but we are hooked on this unusual and well-written thriller about a chemistry teacher who decides to cook meth after learning of his lung cancer prognosis.

under the boardwalk

slightly reminiscent of the documentary we watched a few years back about professional scrabble players, this documentary chronicles the life of international monopoly champions and the history of the game. dan and i broke out our board that night and he thumped me handily.

no impact man

this family gives up creating waste of any kind for one full year. it’s fascinating to observe and even more intriguing to think about how your life would change if you were to do the same.

any other good stuff on netflix we should be checking out? 

4 thoughts on “watchables of late

  1. After my weekend of inhaling any and all documentaries I could find on Netflix, I must say I was morbidly fascinated, repulsed, and intrigued by Queen of Versailles.

    • yes! i have heard this from other people as well, so i am going to put it on our list. which others did you watch?!

  2. I was QUITE busy taking advantage of Netflix! I watched: Food Fight, Food Matters, Hungry for Change, Happy, Vegucated, Killer at Large, and Super High Me. I think that’s all…I am a sucker for a food documentary but I LOVED Happy!

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