how to live life

i have been poring over search results from my latest google search, “suggested fitness goals for females.” week after week, i promise myself (and keri!) that i will set my fitness goals once and for all. and though i’ve come up with a few challenges for myself (that i will share soon!), i came up with a really important ambition that permeates the whole process and my life. balance.



i never want to feel like my life has passed me by while i’m busy counting calories and stewing over whether or not i got my quota of workouts in for the week. on the other hand, the phrases “you only live once” and “just live your life” are frequently used (by myself and others) as an excuse to skip workouts you might just be feeling lazy about or make eating and drinking choices that really aren’t for the greater good. i almost don’t trust myself to make the decision about whether i’m being balanced and living life or copping out and giving up.

it’s so easy to cross the line from one camp to the other without even realizing it. for example, you have a couple of drinks to celebrate this occasion or that, and the next thing you know, you’re definitely over your drink max for the week and you are shoveling pizza in your piehole. sliding down the slippery slope is all too easy once you gain momentum, especially if there is alcohol involved.

it makes sense to plan ahead and figure out what your priorities are going to be. ie: i have a friend coming to town this weekend and i’m probably going to drink, so i won’t have any cheat meals this week and i will make sure to get all my workouts in. but what happens when your workweek goes haywire, you miss half your sweat sessions and then end up having a couple more treats than you accounted for while you’re friend is around? it seems silly to beat yourself up over it, but there has to be some kind of learning curve.

the other side of the planning coin is : if you are planning your life to that level of detail (ie: “will you be drinking or having a cookie this weekend?”), is that really living? my personal vote is no, though i’m torn because i know how effective planning can be at helping me stay on track. but i also know how crazy i can feel when those plans don’t work out and the guilt sets in.

i think finding balance in all of this is harder than any physical gauntlet i could throw down for myself. this just further proves my body and mind’s need for meditation, more yoga and working to get to a place where i can trust my own instincts without question or regret. that means that my intentions and end goals are purely health-related and i am consciously attached to them at all times. the question is: can that really happen?

does ANYONE feel as though they’ve found that place? i’d love to hear about it! 

2 thoughts on “how to live life

  1. yes and no. trusting trusting trusting in my choices. I’m not sure if the way I live is the way to live, and I know it is a way to live. I plan when I plan and I don’t plan when I don’t plan. … interesting post…important questions to ask, but maybe also important to only spend as much time as I do THINKING about these questions…instead spending as much time as I do, feeling about them, intuiting about them, and trusting in the process. peace and freedom. and okayness with what is, whatever it is. allowing things to be what they are. I appreciate your considerations. thanks for sharing.

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