sights unseen, larry morey edition

over the fourth of july weekend, we had a fabulous “staycation,” all in the name of celebrating the 60th birthday of larry morey (dan’s dad). kristyn and her boyfriend mike came to town, so we had quite the crew! we went to a white sox game, made delicious dinners, had drinks by the bonfire, hit up a beloved childhood ice cream staple in the morey household, went to top golf and threw a fabulously cajun birthday party for the guest of honor, complete with mardi gras beads, duck/duck/goose and a poster of 60 reasons why we all love him. i love my ability to partially relive the weekend via these pictures, so hopefully you enjoy them too!

stadium4 stadium stadium5 stadium3 stadium2

rainbow3 rainbow rainbow2

topgolf3 topgolf2 topgolf


margaritas heehe bonfire pennyconfused


party beads beads2 shirt shirt2 balloons birthdayguy poster cand;es pennybeads cake duck goose

have a great weekend! hopefully it cools off just a little


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