47 ways to avoid working out

not everyone likes working out. i know, i was shocked too! but in having a conversation about my favorite topic (fitness) with a co-worker recently, i discovered this and resolved that i would write a post about a bunch of activities that either don’t seem like exercise (but kind of are) or that would easily ease you into a more workout-oriented mindset. ready?

1. dance lessons: salsa, ballroom, ballet, tap, jazz
2. trampoline parks
3. dog walking (your own or getting paid to do it by others)
4. beach volleyball
5. bike riding (double points if you end up at a frozen yogurt joint)
6. walking to a meeting instead of taking a cab
7. kayaking

8. paddleboating
9. skipping (yes, i do this on walks with penny and yes, dan is embarrassed)
10. hiking
11. playing on the monkey bars
12. doing cartwheels and handstands in the grass
13. running through the sprinkler
14. going for a swim
15. playing tag (if your friends join in, you have a stellar group of friends)
16. gardening
17. raking leaves
18. building something out of wood
19. jumping jacks during commercials of your favorite show
20. playing wii tennis
21. playing REAL tennis
22. going to jazzercise

23. walking around a museum
24. going shopping (take the stairs not the escalator)
25. exploring your neighborhood
26. standing at your desk for 20 minutes of every hour
27. bowling
28. go karting
29. mini golfing
30. arcade games
31. dance, dance revolution
32. cleaning out the closets
33. twister
34. cooking, chopping, grilling, slicing
35. picking fruit (strawberries, peaches, etc.)
36. slacklining

37. re-painting the living room
38. jumping rope
39. going to a farmer’s market
40. whirlyball
41. building a sandcastle
42. fishing
43. water skiing
44. parkour
45. skateboarding
46. flying a kite
47. skeeball

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