the best movies of summer

dan and i don’t go to the theater frequently. we both believe that only certain films need to be experienced on the big screen: superhero flicks or anything in the transformers series, for example. and yet, there’s almost nothing more quintessentially “summer” to me as a late night trip to the movies. bring a hoodie, because the air conditioning is bound to be cranked up, but when you exit into the cicada-filled, still air, you’ll be glad you have a t-shirt on underneath. below are just a few movies that scream “SUMMER” to me, either because we saw them during such a trip to the theater or maybe cuddled up on the couch with all the windows open and a fan blowing on us.

1. transformers

2. casablanca

3. sabrina

4. wet hot american summer

5. jaws (especially around the fourth of july!) **will this classic be replaced by the new cult classic, “sharknado?!?” just kidding.

6. batman (the dark knight is my fave)

7. now and then

8. stand by me

9. top gun

10. dirty dancing

11. toy story

12. the sandlot (did you know that squints was later on freaks and geeks?!)

13. american graffiti

14. the parent trap

15. roadhouse

16. caddyshack

17. national lampoon’s vacation

18. music man

any that are on your list that i missed? 

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