one of my latest and greatest fitness goals is to speed up my mile time. running has never been a huge priority of mine, so i thought this might push me to improve without obsessing over a larger project, such as a half marathon. currently, i run about a ten minute mile. i would like to get it down to eight. not a huge difference, but it will definitely require some work from me. as i embark on this goal-oriented journey, i will think of the road below, because to me, that is the PERFECT weather to run in, and i will imagine myself in that scenario every time.

anyone else have great tips on improving pace? 


2 thoughts on “run!

  1. that picture is gorgeous! and i love the quote! I’m not really sure about increasing mile times, other than just running faster for spurts to get used to it! I do intervals on a treadmill of fast/slow, and that’s helped. I trained for and ran my first half this June, and I think just the amount of running has increased my speed. However, this hot summer weather isn’t helping. Good luck!

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