takin’ a spin

yesterday was my VERY FIRST experience with a spin class. pretty much everyone i have admitted this to has been shocked and appalled, and now i know why. i absolutely love it!

one of my clients from bodymedia was in town and instead of a traditional meeting, i was very excited to hear that she wanted to check out flywheel in the gold coast. we decided on the 7am class, which i think is the perfect time to work out because i have had a chance to get at least a little food in my stomach (this time it was half of a protein smoothie: vega powder mixed with unsweetened almond/coconut milk in my blender bottle!) and i’m not so sleepy that i spend half the workout waking up.

the team at flywheel makes it unbelievably easy to become a fan of their classes. you can sign up for a specific bike and pair of shoes ahead of time, so you show up to the facility (with easy parking all around) ten minutes before class, grab your shoes, adjust your bike and strap in! there were actually quite a few other newbies in the room besides me, which made me feel a lot better.

our instructor, donna, was absolutely amazing. she was high-energy without being overbearing, and the music throughout the class was incredibly motivating and coincided perfectly with the direction. intense songs for slow, high-resistance climbs and upbeat tunes for a lower-resistance speed fest. donna was also wonderful about letting us know exactly how long each sprint would last, counting it down so i knew i could make it without giving up.

i definitely recommend giving this class a shot – I will certainly be making it a more frequent part of my fitness routine. my gym has a spin class as well, so i am anxious to try it and see how it stacks up. my legs felt like jello and my entire body, down to my fingernails was sweating by the time we were through, so i’m guessing that means it was a pretty decent workout. the best part to me is that in conjunction with the traditional benefits of group exercise (motivation in a group, accountability), you also got the perks of a solo session – you could push yourself when you wanted without anyone else judging you, but pull back if you felt like it was necessary. very customizable. the only downside to this venture is the cost … $25 per ride seems like a lot to me, since i already pay for a gym membership.

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