penny’s weight loss journey

we’ve all had those moments where we look at a picture of ourselves and think, “MAN i look big in that picture!” this is especially true if you’ve come out on the good side of a weight loss journey. the other day, penny had one of those moments. someone saw a picture of her and asked if it was a picture of titan, a much bigger boned and overweight puggle that dan and i adopted.

titan was given to us with the goal of getting him to drop a significant amount of weight. he was quite a bit larger than he should have been, and had already suffered through back surgery as a result of his doggy obesity. we actually got him down to a fairly reasonable size, but the damage had been done. titan had to be put down because of severe nerve damage that had occurred during the years he spent with too much extra baggage.

now, it’s time to turn those weight-loss tactics loose on penny. through various bouts of inactivity and far too many snacks, penny’s weight is now a cause for concern. our vet has warned us time and again about the dangers of penny weighing even a pound or two more than her target weight (20 pounds). it wreaks havoc on her already unstable joints and decreases her life expectancy. you might be able to see a little chubbiness in the photos below:

3 2 1

SO – what do we plan to do about it? here are some tactics we are implementing to get penny back on track.

1. just a shade less dog food. not enough so she will go hungry, i promise!

2. coconut oil. there are plenty of articles that suggest giving your dog coconut oil regularly to help with a lot of different things, weight loss being one of them.

3. longer walks. too often, we just take her for a spin around the block and get inside to do homework (dan), blog (me) or make dinner (both guilty!). especially now, while the weather is nice, we’re going to start going for lengthier strolls.

4. no more human food. that goes for us AND our parents (plus anyone else that may want to feed her. the answer is no!) she can’t clean plates, have some of whatever we’re eating, etc.

5. bringing her to work with me more often. this way i can prevent her from being sedentary all day and take shorter walks throughout. i’m guessing when i don’t take her to work, she does nothing. but i’d have to get a fitbark to know for sure.

6. swap doggie treats for carrots. she LOVES those things and they are healthy for her! another alternative? frozen broccoli bits.

7. play more fetch. it definitely beats sitting on the couch.

if all else fails, we’ll get her some doggy spanx! just kidding, but truly we are going to make an effort on all of the above for the sake of her health and happiness. i’ll keep you posted about the progress.

any other wonderful doggy weight loss advice out there? 

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