don’t save anything for later

last week, i unearthed a secret about the way i was working out. the confession was a surprise to me and to keri, but i found myself a bit relieved as i spilled to her a problem i didn’t know i had until that moment. in workouts where i should be digging deep and giving it my all … i was saving myself. conserving energy to make sure i finish and holding back until i knew i had it in the bag. it became blatantly obvious to me during my spin class last week, as i secretly kept my torque down when the instructor ordered it up, reasoning that i would need that strength for the hill sprints that were sure to come along shortly. after more consideration, i’ve come to believe that all this stems from my days on the soccer team (who know that sport would turn out to be such a traumatic experience in my fitness life?) knowing that sprints always came at the end of practice, i would do my best to store up energy along the way, sucking pizzazz out of my warm-up run, drills, scrimmage.

i think i’ve finally realized how silly that is. a workout isn’t something you can plan and predict from the beginning. you just have to go out swinging and maintain the highest level of intensity you can throughout. if your arms give out, and you literally can’t do anymore? then it’s time to stop.


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