fitness i’m dying to do

once upon a time, i blogged about some fitness events i wanted to hit up. out of the three listed, i only got through one. the race to wrigley was so much fun, but I really haven’t done any events since then. i signed up for a five mile st. patty’s day race in st. louis last year, but was unable to run it due to a foot injury. i’m not sure races are my cup of tea. i absolutely understand why other people love them, and i’m not saying i’ll never run another, but i find myself becoming too focused on just running leading up to it, and i’m not a fan of being unbalanced.

at this point, i’m also not interested in the tough mudders, spartan races, or anything like that. just not a fan of ice water and live wires. my experience at flywheel last week, however, has definitely opened a can of fitness worms that i am dying to check out. here are a few things i’m ready to give a shot:

1. crossfit. i can’t believe still haven’t checked this phenomenon out. it’s a little too pricey for my taste to engage in on a regular basis, but my good friend jenn does it on the reg and she has rave reviews and a hot bod to show for it, so i know i’ll have to give it a go.

2. surfset. i have wanted to hop on one of those boards ever since i saw their episode of shark tank. there is only one place in chicago that offers classes, but with all my travels, i’m hoping to drop into a class while in nyc or sf.

3. trx bootcamp. we have the “at home” version of trx, and i’ve used it at the gym before, but i would love to take just one class to get the full range experience and pick up some moves to take home with me.

4. the bar method. i’ve heard this is a real b*tch. i definitely want to check it out and see what i’m made of. i know that flywheel has a flybarre class that is similar, so that would suffice also.

5. more yoga. there are so many different studios in the city, and i have only ever tried the yoga at my gym plus dvd’s at home (and the sporadic, impromptu lesson given by the lovely julianne during our lunch hour at work!). i’m ready to try new styles, locations and teachers.

i’m getting excited just thinking about it! of course, all these things cost money, but your health and new experiences are two of the best things you can make investments in, right? i just hope i don’t get addicted to any of these like i now am to flywheel. i’ll have to get a second job just to pay for my fitness habit!

any fitness you’re dying to do? 

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