Veggie Fest!

with so many chicago food festivals this summer dedicated to beer, brats, burgers and ribs, it’s about time they threw a bone to the veggies and vegans (very bad pun, i’m sorry!). luckily, this weekend, veggie fest is coming to town. on saturday and sunday, naperville will become the site of one of the largest veggie-focused festivals in north america. over 25,000 peeps attended last year, and 2013 is expected to be even bigger.

there will be an impressive roster of speakers imparting knowledge on a plethora of topics, including nutrition, meditation, organic foods and other health-centric subjects. a full schedule can be found here.

in addition, cookbook authors, chefs and the like will provide cooking demonstrations for a variety of vegan dishes and subsets, while similarly-themed sponsors will introduce the crowd to new products and trot out old favorites. some top-dog sponsors include whole foods, nature’s path and manna organic.

in the vegetarian food court, vendors will peddle smoothies, fruit, vegan versions of meat-lover’s faves (reuben, anyone?), veggie kabobs and the freshest fruit/vegetable juices.

all the while, enjoy live music and the first annual veggie fest art show!

anyone wanna join me?

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