as i mentioned in yesterday’s post, i have been delving into a lot of deliciously interesting articles this week. i thought after teasing you with that information, it would only be fair to share the wealth. so here is a short list of the highlights …

25 things happy people do differently from mindbodygreen. so many of these points resonated with me, but especially 2, 5, 17 and 22.

a new program designed to prevent gym injuries, exercise disorders and overtraining featured on greatist. the question is … when and how do people cross the line from being zealous about fitness to having a real problem?

is being lean really worth it? from (via meg. thanks, meg!) in addition to making some intriguing points about priorities and how fitness fits into any given lifestyle, it led me to a whole host of other tangentially related articles and made me a huge fan of this blog.

9 things a true friend would never do from the older i get, the more i realize how important the quality of my friendships are to me, and these requisites provide a comprehensive basis for recognizing people who are in your life that maybe shouldn’t be.

any article recs? 

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