finding food to prep

lately, i have reallllly been slacking in the food prep department. i always see a sunday facebook reminder from gina at fitnessista and think, “man, i did NOT do that, nor do i have time.” with all the family birthday parties, houseguests and trips out of town, anticipating a week full of meals has not gotten top billing. but this weekend, that’s about to change. i renewed my vigor for the project via the lean green bean‘s amazing weekly showcase, and now i’m on the hunt for my own recipes to make this sunday.

because my lunches always consist of similar items, the plan is to switch it up a bit. for my first snack/meal, i almost always have yogurt (which i love), so i plan to keep that the same for the time being. for my lunch and afternoon snack, however, i am ready to get excited about my food (instead of just taking leftovers every day). i need to incorporate veggies, carbs and proteins (either animal or a complete protein with vegetable products). here are some recipes that fit the bill:

– quinoa salad with beets, goat cheese, kale and green onions. i’ve never made it before or seen it anywhere, but it just SOUNDS delicious, doesn’t it? maybe throw some fruit in there also? what kind would be good?

baked chicken strips, buffalo style

sweet potato and ginger soup, for a new spin on afternoon carbs

– roasted veggies of any kind, but definitely craving some brussels sprouts

OR maybe …

roasted broccoli and tomatoes?

grilled flank steak – this can go on salads, mix with quinoa, wrapped in a tortilla…

last week, i also tried another batch of chocolate covered katie’s tofu brownies (absolutely amazing! i highly recommend), so i think maybe another healthy dessert treat might be in order as well. how about these inside out chocolate peanut butter cups?

i can’t wait to get going!

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