just a few reasons to cut back

the other day i mentioned that to combat the “why should i?”s, i make lists of benefits for me that relate to things i sometimes don’t want to do. number one, most difficult task for me in the past eight months has been cutting back on alcohol. i love wine, margaritas and bloody mary’s, homemade or at a bar. we enter into a ton of social situations in which drinking is not only acceptable, but heavily encouraged. but when keri asked me to give it up for eight weeks as part of a healthy lifestyle program she designed for me, it started me thinking about all the reasons why cutting back would be beneficial. i’ve done some research, and here is said list:

1. weight loss (i came up with this one myself, as the first WEEK that i cut back to two drinks instead of refusing to limit myself, i lost an inch and a half from my waist).

2. better sleep

3. healthier skin (alcohol zaps your body of moisture)

4. increased mental clarity and emotional stability

5. sharper self-control (flexing this “muscle” by choosing not to drink helps you apply that same tactic to other things, like eating, working out, work productivity, etc.)

6. learning to take responsibility for your own happiness and “fun” – before, it was easy to look forward to certain social events, because after all, who doesn’t have a good time drinking with friends? the true test of both friendships and your own ability to enjoy a good time are revealed when alcohol isn’t part of the equation.

7. no fear of a hangover – and i used to get some BAD ones.

8. it’s a huge money saver

9. reduced risk of several different kinds of cancer

10. a healthier liver … which means a faster overall metabolism

11. MUCH less likely you’ll end up at taco bell/white castle at 2am

of course, sometimes all the lists in the world can’t stand between me and a filthy dirty blue-cheese martini. what am i, made of stone!?



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