how to do yoga anywhere

yoga and i have come a long way together. from the very beginning, i was skeptical of this “zen” practice. i fully believed that if i was not dripping in sweat, my workout was not complete. eventually, i came down off my high horse enough to do a few dvd’s, but i remained leery of yoga’s health benefits.

fast forward to today, and you will find me a converted woman. though i still don’t fit in all the yoga i would ultimately like to, and i have yet to branch out for a class outside my living room or gym, i am a full-fledged convert and believer in the power of yoga. it soothes my lactic-acid filled muscles after a painful workout. it increases my range of motion to allow me to go back for more pain. it assuages my stress-riddled psyche and reminds me to breathe. it has become a non-negotiable part of my fitness routine, so when i stumbled upon the below infographic from greatist about poses to fit in anywhere, i was unquestionably on board. you’d better believe i’ll bust this out the next time i’m on a plane.

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