sights unseen

there’s been so much going on this summer. i am way behind in my sights unseen posts (embarrassingly, this one is from three weeks ago. eeks!) while my mom was in town, we were lucky enough to also have kristyn with us (again! hooray!) and we spent an amazing weekend together. on friday, kristyn took the train downtown, and dan made indian food. on saturday morning, we went for a ten mile bike ride to one of dan’s favorite coffee places in lincoln park. on saturday afternoon, we headed out to naperville to celebrate jackie’s birthday (along with her twin brother bob, grandfather to the amazing nora) and got in plenty more family time. on sunday, we stopped in plainfield so my mom could see dziadz for a few minutes. i am absolutely loving all this family time; can we just make summer last forever?


moms morenora littlepen moms2 larry anothernora lovenora


4 thoughts on “sights unseen

  1. Love the photo of you guys on the bikes in the alley and your mom and Jackie! Sad I only saw her once – Gail, come back!

    • well we were in your hood for two days, silly! you should have come out and played with us more. i love the bike photo too 🙂

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