crossfit crush

i finally did it. i tried crossfit! it’s something i’ve been “wanting” to do for a very long time, but have held back due to extreme intimidation and fear. dan tried to get me to go a few times, and went so far as to purchase a groupon for some classes back when we lived in the suburbs. he used to do crossfit in his basement when he and i first started dating. he had a nice little setup down there with pullup bars, barbells, an old treadmill and a homemade medicine ball. none of his pleas worked, however. i tried working out in his basement a couple times, but definitely not to the intensity of a crossfit workout. the groupon classes went unused.

luckily, miss cassie has also been wanting to try it out, and she finally pulled the ripcord. the box behind her apartment offers free intro classes on wednesdays to anyone wanting to give it a shot. she asked me to go with her, and i agreed.

first we stood around for a bit while the coach talked about functional movement, agility, strength, power, endurance, paleo, community and a whole lot of other buzz words that you’ll find at the tip of most crossfitters’ tongues. after a bit of talking, we tried our hand at doing.

we did ten minutes, as many rounds as you could get through of sprints with a sandbag, burpees and wall balls with a medicine ball. it doesn’t sound like much, but it really wears you out!

he asked us not to stop, and for the most part, i complied. there was a small moment toward the end, however, when i was fairly certain i was about to throw up, that i held back a little bit. but for the most part, i was balls to the wall.

after trying it out, i loved it, of course. the bottom line is, though, that i just can’t justify the cost.

i’m having a lot of fun with my workouts from keri, mixing in the occasional flywheel or yoga class and seeing what else might be out there on a “drop in” basis. there are still plenty of class options at my own gym that i haven’t exhausted yet.

one day when i’m rich, i’ll join a crossfit box, and i won’t feel too guilty if i don’t attend five days a week (which is how often i feel like i would have to go right now to justify the expense). i definitely love this style of working out though, so i’ll continue to follow all my girls that are total crossfit beasts and steal some of the moves from the WOD’s for my own personal workouts on a case by case basis.

last point: i LOVE that crossfit comes with a community, and i totally get that benefit. for me, though, some days when i work out … it’s the only chance i have to be alone and think through things, de-stress, etc. if ALL my workouts were done in a “team” environment, i would never get that! plus, i’m fairly certain that my competitive side would rage and i might end up making myself miserable when i was unable to keep up with some of the pro’s i’d be working out with.

would you ever try crossfit? if you DO crossfit, do you feel like it’s worth the money? why?



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