moving to the music

a good music selection is essential for any workout that i do. it pumps me up, distracts me a little bit from the task at hand when necessary and keeps me motivated throughout. i generally compile a giant playlist of highly upbeat tunes at the beginning of each month (see some highlights from june here) and let them all shuffle around crazy-like during my sweat sessions. but this month, keri introduced me to a whole new concept: a set playlist that dictates the pace of the workout. i was shocked and intrigued.


being the fabulous spin instructor that she is, keri uses this strategy for all her classes (much like what i experienced at flywheel). but in this scenario, she was asking me to apply the concept to the elliptical machine. she dreamed up a doozy of a playlist (my new favorite song is on there – burn, by ellie goulding) and told me to let it dictate my workout.

i did, and it was a phenomenal experience. not only did 45 minutes zip by at lightning speed, but at the end, my legs were exhausted and i was dripping in sweat: not things that frequently occur when i’m using the elliptical. more importantly, my motivation level was sky-high the entire time because i was following a force outside myself: the beat of the music.

i highly recommend trying this method of cardio out, and if you join ignitegirls, keri will provide you with lots of lovely playlists to give it a go.

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