sights unseen, more of mom’s visit

my mom came for a couple of weeks to stay with us. even though she was initially concerned she would be staying too long for our liking, i personally can’t get enough of her and wish she had stayed even longer! i took a couple days off work while she was here, and we did all sorts of fun things. we went on “the untouchables” tour, which is basically a bus tour of chicago’s “gangster sights.”

we made a valiant effort to find the best margaritas in chicago, but frontera grill was closed when we tried to go in! apparently they shut down in between lunch and dinner or some such nonsense. we did sample the margaritas at mercadito, however, and they were delicious.

we also made sure to take in plenty of culture at the free hours on thursday at the art history museum and a full day at the museum of science and industry. dan was bummed that he missed the exhibit on bicycles, but i took plenty of pictures to compensate.

we have more family fun planned this weekend, and i am PSYCHED. everyone have a great labor day!


bus frontera mompicture

artmuseum art artmuseum2 mompicture2 buddha scinudstry

momtrain moretrains mombike bikes morebikes giantglobe

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