things i learned this weekend

i have a vast appreciation for the people in my life who provide a new perspective on things, especially when i think i’ve got it all figured out. i love to learn that i’m wrong, hear new theories and discover alternative resources. i learned a lot this weekend. lots of things i need to look into, think about and digest. in no particular order, here are a few of them:

1. cow’s milk may not be as good for people as all those advertisements would have us believe. planning to read white washed in order to gain better perspective.

2. making your own chicken stock is the way to go. currently working on that endeavor as i type.

3. we are overpaying for our CSA share.

4. the new episodes of arrested development are not as good as the old ones. i figured this one out for myself, but finally got around to watching them.

5. slightly related to #1, too much calcium is carcinogenic.

6. canceling our netflix subscription might be the way to go.

7. you should never heat olive oil past 200 degrees.

8. parsley is DELICIOUS in a quinoa salad.

9. various facts about world war II, current international politics and us history. planning to read the road to serfdom for further perspective.

10. how to cook an over-easy egg perfectly.

11. to think more critically about the source of nutritional information i’m subscribing to.

12. several uses of the tops from carrots.

13. that we should be buying coffee on

plus much, much more.

what did you learn this weekend? 

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