making agreements with yourself

as i alluded to in a recent post, i just finished a book: four agreements: a practical guide to freedom.

i found out about this book via an interesting reading list that my sister in law, kristyn, shared with me from marc and angel – 30 books to read before you turn 30. since i only have a year or so left, i thought i’d get crackin’.

this one in particular struck a chord with me. written in a beautifully simple style, it exposes truths that everyone may know in the back of their mind, but need reminding of once in a while. the author extols the wisdom of the toltec tradition, in the form of agreements you should make with yourself. they are:

Be Impeccable With Your Words

don’t use your words for hate or negativity. just don’t put that out there in the universe. the ability to speak is powerful and should be wielded with care.

Don’t Take Anything Personally

when someone is rude to you or makes a judgment about something you do, it’s not about you. it’s about them. people interpret you through their own lens of reality and you have to remember that when you start to take things personally.

Don’t Make Assumptions

when you yourself jump to conclusions about other people’s actions or words, there is a potential for conflict, negative consequences and misunderstandings. it’s pretty simple, but makes a lot of sense. don’t assume you know where someone else is coming from.

Always Do Your Best

if you should fail at anything, including the above agreements? don’t worry about it. reflect and move on. people can only be expected to do the best that they can at any given time and at any given activity. your best might vary from day to day – even moment to moment. if you’re putting your best foot forward, that’s enough.

the major themes rampant in this book are ones that i whole heartedly agree with: you create your own reality and you are responsible for how you react to people, situations. this is one of the most comforting concepts i’ve ever encountered. bad things may happen, but you are absolutely in control of how they affect you, how you view them.

i definitely recommend checking this book out. it’s completely devoid of any of that “self-helpy” type language and manages to be helpful without being condescending.

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