sights unseen

a couple of weekends ago, dan and i had some very exciting family visitors (yes, more!) we took them on walks around bucktown and wicker park (that included yummy freshly juiced juice and insane coffee plus a trip to the record store that inspired high fidelity). we went to a cubs game and introduced them to the general insanity of wrigleyville bars before and after a home game. we went to our local farmer’s market, took a hike on the high line park near our house and made the most delicious dinner. we also went on a tremendous boat architecture tour, which sadly, is the only thing i walked away with pictures of from the weekend.

our tour started out sunny and bright, but as we pushed off, the skies grew dark. very quickly, a storm rolled in that forced everyone below deck to avoid heavy rain and hail. they finally pulled the boat over to the edge of the river, as the wind was way too strong to stay on course. luckily, the storm only lasted about ten minutes or so, and then we were back on our merry way. even though i live here and see these buildings all the time, it was still a lovely tour and a great reminder of our city’s beauty and history.


chicago1 chicago4 chicago6 chicago7 chicago10 chicago11 chicago12 chicago15 chicago18 chicago21 chicago22 chicago23 chicago24 chicago25 chicago28 chicago33 chicago35

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