ways to make the most of monday

monday is a notoriously negative day. 97% of people agree that it’s the worst day of the week (and 84.5% of all statistics are made up), but why? maybe it’s because i’ve been reading lots of books about creating your own happiness lately. perhaps it’s the invigorating, brisk fall air that’s revving me up. or possibly i’m just sick and tired of having 15% of my week dominated by negativity. whatever the reason, i’ve come up with a few solutions that will help ME (and hopefully YOU) make the most out of your monday.

1. get tons of sleep. one of the best features of a lazy sunday is an early bedtime (except when the bears are playing the late game. i’d say that’s worth losing sleep over once in a while!). take a hot bath, sniff some lavender and hop into your (clean – you did laundry this weekend, right?) sheets a bit earlier than usual and score a top-notch night of sleep.

2. take advantage of a fresh start. any drama or problems from the week before should become a distant memory that you use to learn from and start over this week. you can look at everything with new eyes and resolve.

3. set goals. as a slight extension of the above, a new week means a chance to score higher at work, with fitness and in terms of healthy eating. set a goal, even if it seems arbitrary. whatever feels “right.” for instance, this week, i’m going to make it a goal to avoid added sugar because i feel i’ve been too heavy-handed with it recently.

4. set the mood with music. create a playlist for monday mornings for your car or work station that starts off a bit more easy going, moves the tempo up a bit and gets you pumped for what’s ahead. some of my recent monday pandora faves have been jake bugg, dave gross and lana del ray.

5. schedule a workout. it gets the week moving on a high note and if you have a set number you like to get in each week, nothing feels better than checking one off your list right from the start. i like to switch back and forth every other week between doing a SUPER hard circuit and something more relaxing, like yoga, on mondays.

6. meditate. yep, i know that it sounds like holistic crap. but it honestly does help. there are a million resources to help you if you don’t know where to start (i love mindbodygreen) and apps that will guid you through, if you prefer. personally, i just try to take ten minutes to imagine a relaxing place (reading a book in a comfy chair bundled up in blankets on a dock by a foggy lake by the mountains with hot coffee and a good book in hand). who WOULDN’T want to start their day/week that way?

7. create a ritual. whether it’s meatless monday, board game night or an excuse to order takeout, having a weekly event to look forward to definitely takes the sting out of mondays. dan and i always try to do something a little special: take a long walk around our neighborhood with penny, watch a movie or something else that grabs our fancy.

8. write it down. name ALL the things you hate about monday on a piece of paper. i couldn’t get more than two out myself (and they were both fairly petty), so i felt a little silly hating such an innocent day with no real reason. it’s all about perception.

9. be grateful. i’ve recently begun writing down three things i’m grateful for at the end of each day, and as was predicted by the “experts,” i have naturally started appreciating a lot more small moments, people and places in my life. even on mondays.

so give it a shot. the sunday blues can be the PITS, but there’s no reason to see mondays as an inherently evil presence in your life. don’t give it the power, people!

anyone else have any great ideas for making mondays happier? 


2 thoughts on “ways to make the most of monday

    • oh yes. coffee. good point!

      i waver back and forth. sometimes i start off a little slow and then just show up on tuesday full of energy, but you’re right, it’s way better to get going right off the bat!

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