dan’s latest literary conquest

this post is another one from my ever-curious and scientifically-minded husband. he dropped in on the blog to tell us all about a book he just finished (i’ve been listening to him talk about it for weeks; now it’s your turn).


I recently read  “A World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17” by G. Edward Griffin and while this dense jaw-dropper is chock full of medical lies and political cover-ups, It’s probably best if I just give you the gist of it all and allow you to explore more on your own, you know, out of respect to the author. So here are a few key points of the book.

–       Cancer is a chronic metabolic illness. This means that it is neither caused nor cured by anything other than your own nutrition. Harmful activities such as smoking are only triggers for your body into “over-healing” itself, which causes cancerous cells to reproduce and multiply.

–       Vegans win. A vegetarian and certainly vegan diet, if practiced properly, are a great way to reduce, if not eliminate, the risk of cancer as well as mitigate its effects once you’ve been diagnosed. If you can’t give up meat and dairy completely, at least limit yourself to small amounts of chicken and fish only.

–       While activities like smoking are still not optimal for your health, other behaviors such as eating red meat, drinking dairy or alcohol and consuming refined sugars are considerably worse for your health and directly damage your pancreas, which is one of the most valuable assets you have in preventing cancer.

–       Foods rich in vitamin B17 are proven to have positive effects in cancer prevention and highly effecting against fighting cancer once it has been diagnosed, tenfold more than the current orthodox method of treatment. In other words, eat plenty of seeds, specifically apricot seeds, Lima beans and other legumes, and millet along with the other necessary foods for a balanced diet.  

–       What is generally advertised as proper nutrition is not necessarily the way to go. The American Medical Association (AMA). Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and all other national medical associations are under the control of the same families that control the FED, oil and chemical industries – and it’s not who you think is in control. These cartels have influenced the medical foundations to promote only medical advice that results in the use of prescription drugs and other robust revenue products. You will never receive instructions for a natural remedy from an orthodox doctor, regardless of its effectiveness or price.

I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what Mr. Griffin writes about and while I cannot prove everything he says is fact, I can say that he does backup everything in his book by citing medical research papers, books and statements by every related research scientist, doctor and politician. This book can be quite a shock if you aren’t ready for it, but I highly encourage you to pick it up, if not to believe every word of it, but to at least get those gears of critical thought running. It’s your health and your body, and it’s imperative that YOU are the one in charge of it. Much like the author, don’t be afraid to dig deeper on matters of your own well being, your results could be positively astounding.

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