how to pack for healthy camping

*PREFACE* i am unbelievably sorry i didn’t take more pictures for this post. all i can do is shake my head at myself and say, “next time.”

we recently went camping with friends. shockingly, dan and i have NEVER been camping together, though we’ve discussed it many times. we had a ton of fun, bought a new tent and made a devoted camper out of penny, so i know we will be doing this again. as such, i thought i would share some of the things we brought with us to make it a healthier camping trip.

1. homemade trail mix: we mixed peanuts, roasted almonds, pumpkin seeds, cacao nibs and funky monkey snacks. we took it hiking, munched on it in the car and ate it around the campfire. best. idea. ever.

2. a giant container of water. and water bottles to fill up from it.

3. hiking boots, along with weather-appropriate hiking clothing. it’s one of my new favorite forms of exercise!

4. sweet potatoes. absolute perfection when cooked on the fire.

photo 2

5. quinoa and beans. we kept it in a huge bowl in the cooler and ate it for lunch with our camping utensils.

6. veggies and hummus. we made roasted broccoli hummus, but any hummus will do. it’s the healthier alternative to chips and dip.

7. oatmeal (assuming you have a way to boil water).

8. lots of fun activities – we played bags, went for hikes and threw tomahawks? whatever keeps you active, i guess!

photo 3

9. an adorable puppy. they love hiking AND being outside for 48 hours straight. penny especially loves our new tent.

photo 1 (1)


what do YOU bring camping? 

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