more food prep ideas

at the beginning of each week, dan and i try to anticipate some of our nutritional needs for the upcoming workdays. planning ahead and making some food that can be packed easily or consumed on the go helps us take a bit of stress out of healthy eating. you can see the last round of sunday food prep i shared here.

we always like to roast some veggies to have on hand. these can be thrown over a bed of quinoa, used in wraps or just eaten plain (i like mine with sriracha). this week, we had broccoli and carrots from our CSA, so we used those.

foodprep2 foodprep1





we got a GIANT carrot in our haul that i felt i had to share with everyone before we cut it to pieces.


after chopping them all, we added some olive oil, seasonings (just salt and pepper this time) and threw them in the oven at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes.

foodprep3 foodprep4


since we already had the oven going, we threw some chopped red potatoes with olive oil and rosemary on them into the oven as well.

foodpreptaters foodpreptaters3

while those cooked, we worked on a few other projects.

hard boiled eggs are an easy staple that i love to have in the fridge at all times.



we threw together a salad with some sunflower seeds, heirloom tomatoes and leafy greens (also all from our CSA share).


i also usually go through about a mason jar’s worth of nut butter a week, so this project is almost always incorporated into our sunday routine. this time, i decided to try to switch the recipe a bit, by adding some fresh figs into the food processor bowl along with my almonds. if you are looking for how to make homemade almond butter, check here.

foodprepalmondbutter2 foodprepalmondbutter foodprepalmondbutter4


the end result tasted delicious, but the texture and consistency was less like the normal butter i have and more grainy and flour-like. i can see i’ll have to do some tweaking to get it right.

what kinds of foods do you like to prep for the week? 


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