6 ways to combat stress

with shorter days and cooler temperatures come fun fall staples like hoodies, pumpkin overload and huge piles of leaves abounding, just begging to be jumped in. (ps – if you’ve ever wondered why girls are so obsessed with all things fall, please check out this amazing video from thought catalog to help you understand.)

as the above ecard would suggest, not everything about fall is peaches and cream. it also means an uptick in activity at work, paying the piper on tons of social commitments and a general increase in my stress level. here are some things i’ve been doing to bat it back down:

1. reading books. whether i’m learning more about happiness or perhaps diving into a new topic (if there IS such a thing), it’s an excellent distraction that gives me a higher sense of purpose. it’s easier to ignore the bothers of the every day when you think bigger picture. it makes my life feel just a bit more meaningful.

2. television. at the opposite end of the spectrum, this provides an effortless distraction from a particularly loathsome incident or day. the more mindless, the better, for these kinds of situations. think real housewives of new jersey or glee.

3. penny. this bundle of fur has been providing me an emotional and mental haven for five years now. nothing seems quite so bad when she’s wagging her whole body to greet me at the door. she’s always willing to head out on a long walk with me and listen to my complaints. the perfect friend.


4. tea and peanut butter. some people come home from work and have a glass of wine or a scotch on the rocks. not me. if dan knows i’m having a bad day, he always has freshly brewed cup of tea waiting for me and the peanut butter out on the counter. just a few spoonfuls, and i’m good to go. the hot tea makes the peanut butter melt in my mouth in a way that is just plain relaxing.

5. bubble baths. an obvious choice, but for good reason. dan just bought me the most delightfully scented bubble bath with no weird chemicals in it. shea moisture coconut & hibiscus. purely divine.

6. writing. making lists, writing down random thoughts, making plans, being grateful…putting pencil to paper has really been a saving grace for me lately, as it has been my entire life.

of course, it’s always nice to have other people (my husband, my parents, my sister, my friends) to talk to about whatever is stressing me out, but i know at some point, they must get tired of hearing about it, which is why i’ve turned to some of these other methods to supplement my support system.

any other good stress-relievers i should try? 

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