top 11 things i ask dan for

i’m seriously lucky. dan is always so willing to help me out whenever i need it, and sometimes i feel like i ask him for a lot. just to show him how self-aware i am and to provide anyone who’s reading with a laugh, here are the top 11 things i ask dan for (usually when he’s just sat down or in the other room … sorry, dan!). 

1. tea. especially now that the weather is cooler. 

2. coffee. see above. also, you might remember that he has a borderline obsession with coffee, and is thus amazing at making it.

3. water. (i’m sensing a beverage theme; how about you?)

4. hugs. ’cause sometimes you just need one! 

5. my wallet. though i think i should take my out of reach credit cards as a sign that i don’t really need whatever i’m shopping online for! 

6. a pen/notebook. if you’ve ever met dan, you’ll already know that he always has these on his person. 

7. a surprise. because of the way our schedules are set up, dan is usually the one that hits the grocery story for dinner ingredients. sometimes, if i’ve had a particularly rough day, i’ll ask him to get me a surprise. he always shows up with something amazing: flowers, larabars, new tea flavors, a new bottle of wine, etc. 

8. a puppy. it’s only worked once. 


9. to tuck me in. with a few exceptions, i always head to bed before dan. i love early bedtimes, and he usually has to stay up to study. so he’ll take a break from what he’s working on to say goodnight and turn off the light for me. 

10. tech support. he’s forever fixing my phone, computer, the tv, internet, whatever has an on/off switch is fair game. 

11. creative feedback. dan has an unbelievable artistic flair (exception being his photography skills). if i need something drawn or evaluated, he’s the perfect choice.  

i’d like to think that i bring equal benefits to dan into the relationship, but i’m honestly not sure that’s true. as we just celebrated our third wedding anniversary, this is the perfect time for me to reflect on all his contributions. 

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