hey, did you know? it’s fall now.

crunchy leaves, the smell of the heat being turned on for the first time, needing to keep moccasins by the bed to avoid frigid hardwood floors in the morning.

the oddly omnipresent smell of charcoal and campfire fire mixed in with whatever scrumptious and savory dish is simmering in the crock pot.

commuting home from work in the dark for the first time once daylight savings time hits.

starting the holiday movie progression: halloween, thanksgiving, christmas.

driving dan crazy with the insane amount of pumpkin i’m tempted to put in everything we eat: tacos, chili, yogurt, oatmeal, pizza, cookies, protein shakes, peanut butter.

dog sweaters.

ugg boots, thick sweaters, coats, scarves, mittens, corduroys, wool.

football, baseball, hockey.

refusing to close the windows and doors; curled up in a thick comforter with sweatpants to watch television, read a book or sip green tea. or the mobile version: sunroof open, heat seaters on high.

soup, stew, root vegetables, roasting, slow cooking, slurping and savoring.

evening walks, perfect running temperatures, weekend hikes, bundled up bike rides.

darker wines, heartier beers, vegan hot chocolate, stronger coffee and tons of tea.

any questions?


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