the ins and outs of calories

so, as a reminder, i adore info graphics. and greatist. so when they came out with this recent chart to give a detailed overview of calories, i was hooked. i know better than to think that it’s as easy as calories in, calories out (though i love my bodymedia for telling me exactly how many i burn and consume each day, because it IS an important component in weight maintenance), this breaks down some of the different categories, nuances and subtleties that accompany the in/out theory. there’s been a lot of internal debate for me lately about nutrition and the composition of my every day “healthy” eating, so i’m going to be doing some more digging to unearth facts about different kinds of diets, foods and approaches. also, as someone wise once told me to do: i’ll be experimenting with what works for me personally. not everyone’s body chemistry and needs are the same, so i have to rely primarily on my own instincts about what works best. this, however, is a good start:



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