healthy birthday gifts

last weekend, i celebrated my 29th birthday. i’m happy to report that i don’t feel even the slightest bit “old” (notwithstanding my 9pm bedtime) and it was one of the most fun birthdays on record. my mom came in for the first leg (as seen here) and andrea came in for THE weekend. i had more friends kind enough to join me for a fun sunday the day after and everyone very generously brought gifts for me. i’m so lucky to have people that know me so well – and i got some amazing “healthy living” gifts. check it out.

my mom brought me a plethora of new workout clothes (which i desperately needed, being that i still work out in my soccer shorts from high school and ratty old t-shirts). she must have bought out half the under armour store, and i love all my tank tops and leggings. it’s so motivational to have new clothes that actually fit me well to wear when i work out.



andrea, my fashionably forward partner in healthy living crime, picked out the most incredible hiking tools for me, knowing my newfound love for trudging around in the woods. she found lightweight, versatile hiking pants from the north face, which i put to good use on my “birthday hike” that very day.



to accompany them, she found a great guide to hiking in the san francisco area, so the next time dan and i head out to visit my parents, we can drag them along on some new trails!




i also received another book to supplement my healthy living goals. cassie presented me with a new book from gwyneth paltrow called “it’s all good.” it has a ton of “whole food” recipes that are perfectly in line with the kinds of dishes dan and i love to eat/make, along with great tips that gwyneth herself used recently to turn her health around and implement a lifestyle change. i can’t wait to dig in and try some of her suggestions.

birthday2 birthday3



all these gifts lent me newfound inspiration for getting active and eating healthy. it’s the perfect time to shake things up, try things from a fresh perspective and add a few tools to my belt for my progression down the healthy living track. lately i’ve been feeling a little rutted with the same old stale tactics that work but don’t necessarily lend any extra excitement. now i can push restart and see where it takes me.

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