Get Well Grocery Store List

’tis the season for sniffles. no one likes being sick, but i am a particularly big baby about it (even though i learned that being sick isn’t that bad). 

but one thing i know helps me limit my time in the sick ward is a trip to the grocery store for some essential staples. here’s what i like to pick up when i feel a cold coming on:

1. red bell peppers. TONS of vitamin c in those babies. i’ve heard from scores of people that ingesting vitamin c this way versus a supplement is the way to go. so i’m in.

2. garlic. the smell of this anti-vampire perfume may ooze out of my pores, but i love allowing its beautiful sulfuric compounds to heal me.

3. kale, broccoli, and brussels sprouts. like the peppers, these greens are said to pack a hefty vitamin c punch. i usually just throw all this stuff in a stir fry or sometimes dan will put it on top of a pizza to get it all in at once with ease.

4. tea. especially the traditional medicinal echinacea plus. since it’s decaf, it helps with overall liquid consumption (very important when sick), and the hot liquid seems to melt mucus. definitely a bonus.

5. lemon. add to water, tea, etc. acidic, full of vitamin c … the smell alone makes me feel better.

6. bubble bath. my agenda when i’m sick = couch, bathtub, bed.

7. ginger. you can put shavings of ginger IN the aforementioned bath as a detox. really makes you sweat it all out, man.

8. breathe right strips and lavender essential oil. both are fabulous for getting better sleep (the ultimate healing mechanism).

9. quinoa, tuna, chicken. getting some lean protein in helps your body maintain its strength to fight the infection.

10. dark chocolate. it makes you feel better because it’s delicious and it has antioxidants zinc to actually provide a medical reason for eating it while you’re sick. good enough for me!

so i’m gonna go give all these a shot and hope i feel 100% by morning…

any other cold-fighting goodies that i’m missing? 


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