sights unseen, birthday edition

as i’ve mentioned, i had a pretty stellar birthday celebration this year. with andrea in town, dan planned a spectacular weekend that was both active and low key. we hung out with a bit of wine and vegan nachos on friday night so we could wake up early on saturday morning.

dan made us protein pumpkin pancakes to gear up for our eight mile hike, which we managed to get in just before the rain hit. we explored waterfalls, trails and watched penny delight in another adventure. on saturday night, we hit up a new wine bar in lincoln square for a couple of drinks, but got up bright and early on sunday morning so that andrea and i could take a flywheel class before her train left.

on sunday afternoon, cassie & trent, jonny & erin all came over for a pizza bakeoff. all the contestants put up worthy submissions, but cassie & trent were the ultimate victors. penny even had her little friend oscar up from downstairs to play with her.

dan and i capped off the weekend with a rousing round of trivia at a local bar. what a whirlwind (a deliciously lovely whirlwhind). i wouldn’t mind celebrating this year every year, by the way. thanks to everyone who participated – i love you!

hikes birthday5 hike2 hike3 hike4 hike5 hike6 hike7 hike8 hike9 hike10 hike11 hike12 hike13 hike14 hike15 dreandme

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