back on track

oh heyyyyyyyy. i took a quick hiatus – hope you didn’t mind! i was busy being sick, having two insane weeks at work and journeying to new hampshire for an amazing girly weekend with some of my best friends. but now it’s time to get back on the dusty trail of normal life and routine. a few things i’m doing to make it happen:

1. tiny detox. nothing major – just cutting out booze and superfluous sugar as much as possible for the next few weeks. the holidays are coming up fast and i know how THAT goes.


2. easing back into workouts. since my stamina and energy levels aren’t quite what they were pre-illness, i’m easing back in with short runs, yoga and shorter sessions. no pressure!


3. meatless mondays. and wednesdays. and thursdays. but seriously, just cutting back a bit on meat – we have decided to give up red meat and pork for the most part, and we are creating more and more meatless dishes throughout the weeks.


4. less tv. more books, more walks, more cooking, more baking, more writing, more dancing around the house, more cleaning, more of everything else.


5. daily doses of inspiration. my life has been far too stressful lately, and it’s my own fault. i need to look for inspiration instead of waiting for it to smack me in the face. the hunt is on.

6. create a ritual. i am in a phase of life where i detest sunday nights. it needs to stop. without sunday football and dinner at my parents, mad men or breaking bad, i need to develop some kind of interim tradition that leave me looking forward to sunday evenings again.

any other “get back on track” suggestions?

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