doing is believing

i hate admitting this, but here goes. i’m not living my real life. what i mean to say is that i feel like i’m saving up for something, but i’m not sure exactly what it is. and while i’m a firm believer in the power and joy of anticipation, i’m starting to grow a bit weary of the wait. i think my expectations for life have been raised by things like pinterest and blogs and painful awareness of facebook friends that ARE living their lives via facebook. so i’m giving myself a stern warning that this cannot continue. good things come to those who wait, but in the meantime, i need a plan of action. more tangible goals and expectations along with steps that can be taken to achieve and meet them. no more just pinning every european city and expecting that will somehow cause me to experience it. and i’m starting with an inspirational quote from one of my favorite novels of all time.


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